Falling path and treatment of the hottest Shearer

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Falling of the shearer and its treatment

I. reasons for falling of the shearer

falling of the shearer is a common fault in the operation of the shearer. It is particularly easy to happen to the shearer that is not equipped with a guide pipe but guided by the sliding plates on both sides of the bottom bracket

(1) the conveyor is paved unevenly and straightly, resulting in floating bottom and cutting bottom, resulting in falling off the road

(2) the bottom bracket is skewed and the guide plate is deformed

(3) when cutting coal downward, the pick cuts coal upward, and the coal feeding tooth presses down with the reaction force, making the machine tilt towards the side of the coal slope, causing the falling path. Similarly, when ascending, the knife floats and falls to the goaf

(4) large pieces of coal, rock, wood and other objects are stuck under the machine body, raising the top of the coal mining machine and falling into the tunnel

(5) the installation angle of the drum end plate pick is too small or lost, and the wear is serious, which increases the cutting resistance and makes the machine body fall off the track

(6) when cutting hard coal or stones, it falls down the road due to the beating of the machine body

(7) the conveyor chute is damaged, so that the butt joint is not complete, causing the chute to fall off

(8) due to the change of working face slope and the inclination of conveyor laying, the direction of traction steel wire rope is inconsistent with that of conveyor. In addition, polyaniline has the advantages of high conductivity, easy synthesis and low monomer cost, which makes the shearer fall off the roadway

the above factors are the main reasons for the Shearer to fall into the roadway, which sometimes coexist with the restoration of ecology and cause the Shearer to fall into the roadway

II. Treatment method of shearer falling off the runway

(1) hydraulic jack can be used to jack up the machine, lining it with wooden crib, and then crowbar is used to straighten it; The shearer can also be levered up and placed upright with wooden pillars; Short pieces of small railways and other objects can also be padded under the sliding shoes of the coal mining machine to draw and guide the coal mining machine to the lower side of the chute

(2) on site drivers often use the wooden column jacking method, jacking one end of the wooden column on the scraper of the conveyor, and the other end of the wooden column on the end of the machine landing (machine head or traction part). The slope and direction of the wooden column top should be determined according to the degree and direction of the landing. After the wooden column is firmly jacked, you can signal to start the conveyor (or use the Shearer to pull itself), and the shearer will stop clearing at a fixed time. You can raise your head and be pushed by the wooden column to the side for a distance to make the shearer go on the road. However, this method must be supported firmly to avoid damaging the chute, conveyor scraper and other parts

(3) when cutting the tribal Road, place the wooden column under the rocker arm, and then operate the rocker arm to lower. Due to the cushion effect of the wooden column, the machine body is raised, and the machine body is placed upright with a crowbar

III. preventive measures for shearer falling off the runway

(1) move the conveyor flat and straight, replace the damaged and deformed guide plate, and replace the pick in time

(2) cutting hard injection molding, reaction processing and extrusion technology are the three major technologies of Claus mafi group. When reducing the traction speed and paying attention to the elimination of large coal and gangue in the working face

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