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Causes and solutions for the failure of car wipers

after a little longer use, car wipers will have various small problems. Of course, replacement is the best measure, but we also need to analyze the reasons to be aware of it. Generally speaking, the wiper of a vehicle will have the following fault phenomena:

fault 1: tiny stripes, fog and linear residues on the glass

cause: foreign matters are attached, sand particles and dust are attached to the triangular sharp edge, or the sharp edge is damaged

countermeasures: clean the sharp edge or replace the wiper blade

fault 2: the swing is not smooth, and the wiper does not jump normally

reason:? The sharp edge of the wiper blade is curved and wavy, and wax or oil film and other attachments remain on the glass surface

countermeasures: containing adivant Wes can also be used to compare the toughness of different materials ton? 705 antioxidant LLDPE packaging material has been successfully introduced. Wipe the glass part or replace the wiper blade

fault 3: the contact surface of the rubber and the glass surface cannot be fully fitted, resulting in wiping residue

cause: after long-term use, the rubber hardens and loses elasticity or is damaged

countermeasures: replace the wiper blade Custer

Fault 4: the glass surface presents a water film state after wiping

cause if necessary: the wiper rod is deformed due to rust or external force

countermeasure: replace the wiper

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