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Fangda shares of "tuyere" never forget its original intention: become a key supplier of industry giants based on technology

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in 10 years, there are not many industries with an average annual growth of 30% in market size, and the express industry is one of them. With the boost, the upstream express packaging industry has also stood on the wind

under the east wind of the industry, the express packaging manufacturer Fangda Co., Ltd. has remained technology-based since its establishment in 2003, becoming one of the few enterprises that master the hot melt adhesive process and independently produce hot melt adhesive and other raw materials

with its technological advantages, the company has won the industry giants such as SF, and Suning, and become their key suppliers, and the cooperation has gradually deepened

in terms of capital operation, Fangda Co., Ltd. will apply for the purchase on July 3 after receiving the issuance approval of the selected layer on June 18, and will become the first batch of selected layer enterprises no accident

outlets in the express industry

at present, shopping has become an indispensable part of most people's lives. Especially during the epidemic period, film and television, tourism and other industries have been suspended, but e-commerce transactions have increased against the trend. In the past 6.18, the total transaction volume was close to 1.2 trillion, twice that of last year's double 11

the growing prosperity of e-commerce has pushed the express industry to the wind

according to the data of the State Post Office, in the 10 years from 2010 to 2019, the business volume of China's express service enterprises increased from 2.34 billion to 63.52 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 44%; The express business revenue increased from 57.46 billion to 749.78 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 33%

as the upstream of express logistics industry, the demand of express packaging market is obvious. Data show that in 2017, about 40.06 billion express waybills and 11.05 billion packaging bags were used in China's express industry

with the growth of the scale of the express business attracting international chemical companies, the express packaging industry will continue to enter the rising channel

technology oriented

unlike real estate and sharing economy, which are "talking with money" and "making fast money", the express packaging industry should speak with strength

Since its establishment in 2003, Fangda Co., Ltd. has been based on technology and built its core competitiveness. So far, the company has developed into one of the few enterprises that independently produce hot melt adhesive, thermal paper and other raw materials in the domestic express packaging industry

the company's main products are plastic bags and variable information labels. The back plastic bag is a PE express packaging bag with self-adhesive on the back, which can prevent moisture and water and protect the safety of transportation documents. Variable information labels are used for printing variable information such as bar codes

hot melt adhesive process is an important process that affects product quality, whether it is regular return visits of adhesive backing, bags that timely meet customer needs, or variable information labels. The data shows that hot melt adhesive is a kind of plastic adhesive, which has a series of advantages, such as fast bonding speed, good bonding strength, wide range of bonding objects, simple process, environmental protection and pollution-free

under the hot melt adhesive process, the adhesive bag of Fangda shares has excellent pasting effect, which can prevent dust and water, and adapt to the changes of temperature differences around the world

with its technological advantages, the company's products can meet the requirements of EU REACH regulations, and the products are exported to dozens of countries or regions in Europe, America, Asia, Oceania, Africa and so on. The increase in technology has also made the company's profitability outstanding, with a gross profit margin of 27.83% in 2019, 3.4 percentage points higher than the industry average

become a key supplier of industry giants

with its technical strength, Fangda Co., Ltd. has become a key supplier of many industry giants by taking large well-known enterprises such as Suning, Tiantian express,, Shunfeng, Japanese letterpress, UPS, FedEx, DHL as its customers

among Fang Da's customers, SF is firmly at the top of the domestic express industry, with a revenue of 112.2 billion in 2019, equivalent to the total revenue of "three links and one Da" (Yunda, Yuantong, Shentong, Zhongtong) and Suning are the head e-commerce of the self built logistics system.'s net income last year was 576.9 billion, and the annual Gmv exceeded 2trillion. By the end of last year, had operated more than 700 warehouses nationwide, with a total area of about 16.9 million square meters

last year, Suning's online platform commodity trading scale was 238.753 billion. Suning logistics has put into operation 57 logistics bases in 44 cities, with a storage and related supporting area of 12.1 million square meters and 25900 express delivery points

in addition to leading positions in the industry, SF, and Suning have one thing in common: service is king, quality is king, and focus on user experience. According to the data of the State Post Office, SF ranked first in the satisfaction of express delivery enterprises for 11 consecutive years.'s logistics system covers the whole country and is famous for its fast speed and good service. In June 18 this year, delivered goods to the door in 8 minutes at the fastest. Suning completed the construction of 1500 Suning Bangke county-level service centers in the county market to meet the "24-hour delivery" demand of the low-line market

Fangda Co., Ltd. is not only shortlisted as a supplier of leading enterprises in the industry. 1.3 the design of the experimental machine should be reasonable in structure, beautiful in appearance, simple in operation, and easy for maintenance. The company's product quality has been recognized, and its cooperation with SF, JD, etc. is further deepened

last year, SF expanded the scope of cooperation with Fangda Co., Ltd. and purchased three types of products: back plastic bags, waterproof bags and labels; This year, SF extended the back plastic bag procurement contract with the company and signed a new label procurement framework contract

the company's sales scale to has also further expanded. In 2017, it sold 940000 products to through bidding, and increased to 14.98 million in 2019, an increase of 16 times

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