Fang Shouchun, the most popular 98 year old female

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Fang Shouchun, a 98 year old female military doctor of the Chinese expeditionary force, died and killed three Japanese aggressors

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recently, there was an obituary notice circulating in the Hunan fellow countrymen's Association in the United States

According to the obituary, a 98 year old man died in New York on October 21, 2019

this old man has a special identity - the last female military doctor of the Chinese garrison in India. Her name is Fang Shouchun

as a military nurse, she experienced the battle in Wuhan and Changsha, and participated in the construction of Yunnan Myanmar highway; Later, she became a medical worker of the 38th division of the new Chinese army in India. She killed three Japanese invaders on the battlefield and wiped out a group of fleeing Japanese soldiers with her comrades in arms; General Stilwell, the commander-in-chief of the Chinese expeditionary force, awarded her the rank of lieutenant

In November 1937, 17-year-old Fang Shouchun joined the 157 rear hospital of the Anti Japanese army to receive practical training and internship in battlefield rescue

in 1942, the new 38th division of the Chinese expeditionary army and other troops withdrew from Myanmar to India and were reorganized into the Chinese army in India. When the Indian garrison recruited recruits in Kunming, Fang Shouchun said to the recruiting officer, "I want to join the Indian garrison."

"we go to war, as long as men, not women." Said the officer. Fang Shouchun retorted, "half of China's 40000 compatriots are women. Men can go to war, and women can go to war! Since ancient times, women have been equal to men!" The officer was very moved, but said he would ask for instructions

soon, Fang Shouchun was told: "the head agreed that you and four other female soldiers should join the Indian Army!"

when boarding the transport plane to India, Fang Shouchun learned that it was specially approved that she and her female partners Zhang kejing, Qiu runlan, Liu Bin and Zhu Anna could join the Indian army

in Northeast India, adjacent to the field hospital of Myanmar. Due to the tension of the war, the British soldiers guarding the hospital were urgently transferred to the front line, and the guards could only be served by medical personnel. There are medical staff from many countries in the hospital, many of whom are Indian female soldiers

for some time, the female sentinel was raped and killed by the Japanese army at night, causing panic, and several Indian female nurses were scared to leave the hospital

but Fang Shouchun has been in the army for many years. After the baptism of the battlefield, she suggested to the Dean: stand on the bright post, go on the secret sentry, and subdue the Japanese devils. The Dean agreed

the secret whistle is set in the dark grass, which will be disturbed by mosquitoes and poisonous snakes. One night, Fang Shouchun fell into the early hours of the morning, only to see a shadow flashing tens of meters ahead, rustling closer and closer. Fang Shouchun identified three people. She picked up her machine gun and strafed. At the same time, the sentry on Minggang also fired with a gun. Soon, the scene was silent. After inspection, several dare to die members of the Japanese ace 56 division were killed. Their pockets were also filled with names, military ranks, highly toxic potassium cyanide, silent pistols, daggers, etc

Fang Shouchun was praised by general Stilwell, the commander-in-chief of the Chinese army in India. At the officers' meeting, Stilwell personally awarded her the military rank

Fang Shouchun has always kept this "instruction of the commander in chief in India" awarded the military rank. It can be seen from the photos that otherwise the customer didn't know how to operate, which seriously affected the effectiveness of the customer's work. The title was conferred on August 21, 1943. The content was: dialect (Fang Shouchun) was awarded as a second-class military assistant doctor (Note: equivalent to a lieutenant), and the signature was "commander in chief Stilwell"

after the victory of the war of resistance against Japan, Fang Shouchun lived in Changsha for nearly half a century.

according to reports, Fang Shouchun had a sad and beautiful transnational love story, which was also related to his emigration to the United States in his later years

Fang Shouchun was a beautiful girl since childhood. During the army, there were pursuers everywhere, and some feelings were lost because of the chaos. Until the first half of 1945, when the victory of the Anti Japanese war was imminent, Fang Shouchun met the American doctor Kangwei in a hospital in Chengdu

Kang Wei was born in a family of doctors and graduated from Medical University. He is tall and handsome. At that time, he was Fang Shouchun's doctor in charge, and he was usually unsmiling. When he checked the ward, several nurses greeted him as if he hadn't heard. So the nurses discussed, "we don't pay attention to him either." Later, when Conway checked the room and asked about the situation of the wounded, several nurses kept silent. Fang Shouchun also said, "look for yourself."

after several contacts, one day, Kangwei suddenly said to Shou Chun, there is a half day holiday this afternoon, and I invite you to dinner. Seeing Fang Shouchun's silence, he said, we all brought a few friends. Fang Shouchun thought there were many people anyway, so he agreed. Fang Shouchun has studied English in the army and knows some simple conversations. During the meal, Kangwei asked Fang Shouchun to teach him Chinese, and he taught Fang Shouchun to learn English and learn languages from each other. Since then, the two began to contact. Kangwei is especially good at Shouchun

when the war of resistance against Japan was won, Kangwei proposed to Fang Shouchun and Fang Shouchun agreed. In January, 1946, they held a simple wedding in Shanghai

after that, Conway will take Fang Shouchun to the United States. Fang Shouchun's ideological struggle is fierce. That year, her father just died, leaving her a minor brother, and her grandmother was a small footed woman who could not work. Fang Shouchun said, "I can't go." She will stay to raise her brother and look after the old man

in this way, Fang Shouchun came to Changsha to live with his grandmother and gave birth to his daughter Fang Lili in October of the same year. Conway heard that he had sent some money and goods from the United States

after that, the Kuomintang retreated to Taiwan and the Korean War broke out. Kang Wei, who was far away in the United States, couldn't contact Fang Shouchun until he got another wife and gave birth to a daughter named Kang Shilin. Fang Shouchun is a famous material research expert in Changsha sheet factory Professor zhengwenlong of National University of Defense Technology commented: "The microcomputer controlled change experimental machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is the first one in China. 5. To record the real meaning of water consumption and realize the change of microcomputer control, I worked in the maintenance room and never remarried.

until China's reform and opening up, American enterprises came to China to invest. Conway asked Kang Shilin to go to China to look for Fang Shouchun and his half sister Fang Lili. In 1979, I worked in the Three Gorges luxury tourism company, a Sino US joint venture Kang Shilin, the former director of the cruise ship, finally found out the address of Fang Shouchun's mother and daughter in Changsha and met Fang Lili. In 1982, Kang Shilin took Fang Lili to study in the United States

10 years later, Fang Lili has its own company in the United States. She took her mother to New York to settle down

on October 28, I contacted a friend of Fang Shouchun's daughter, who said that Fang Lili would give all her mother's medals to the history museum when she returned home in

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