In the hottest 4G era, all three operators will wi

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On March 4, the three major operators in the 4G era will receive TD

the battle for 4G licenses has again stirred up. The information from TD-SCDMA industry chain enterprises is that the state may allow the three operators to obtain TD-LTE licenses in the 4G era. However, the news has not been confirmed at present, but the issuance of TD-LTE licenses by the three major operators together has been accused of not complying with the well-known laws of the industry and is an overly radical policy

td industry chain enterprises spread 4G license news in unison

recently, a number of TD-SCDMA industry chain enterprises have disclosed this news to Sina Technology. Previously, only China Mobile clearly and actively chose TD-LTE, and Chinatelecom has not stated its position. When talking about 4G license, Wang Xiaochu, chairman of Chinatelecom, was very firm and decisive. He said that at present, Chinatelecom has not discussed with relevant government departments about the spectrum used by 4G license and the launch time

and China Unicom still believes that it is impossible to issue TD-LTE licenses, because China Unicom wcdma/hspa/hspa+ is only suitable for the evolution to fdd-lte. If it evolves to TD-LTE, it will be inexplicable from a technical point of view. In fact, there are few goods with good thermal insulation function and flame retardant and fire prevention function. The road of upgrading 4G of China Unicom in the future was originally flat, but if so, it will become quite tortuous. At the same time, Fang Huayin, the on-site person in charge of the project, told China Unicom that the situation would be lost immediately

in addition, at the press conference on the operation of the industrial communication industry in the first three quarters on October 25, 2012, Zhang Feng, director of the communication development department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that the Ministry of industry and information technology had used the two unallocated 60MHz in the 1800MHz and 2100mhz frequency bands, that is, 2 60MHz, a total of 120mhz, for fdd-lte frequencies. As soon as this news comes out, the industry believes that it actually means that the 4G license and spectrum resources that China Unicom may be issued are officially defined. Otherwise, it is not necessary to grant so many frequency bands to fdd-lte, and the number of this frequency band is equal to TD-LTE

in addition, it is reported that China Unicom LTE experiment has determined to use the 1800MHz FDD LTE frequency band (1755mhz ~ 1785mhz, 1850mhz ~ 1880MHz) for testing

4g licenses will not be issued soon

its environmental benefits are 10 points significant. At the same time, ChinaTelecom CDMA2000's evolution to TD-LTE is not as easy as TD-SCDMA, but the original upgrading direction of Chinatelecom CDMA 2000 to 4G is not as clear as China Unicom. Therefore, it is possible for Chinatelecom to be forced to go to TD-LTE, which is actually undertaking the industrialization and internationalization of TD-LTE

in this regard, when Sina Technology consulted the executives of some large communication equipment enterprises, the overwhelming majority of the answer was that it was normal to issue TD-LTE licenses to one or two operators, but it was a blind toss to issue TD-LTE licenses to three operators in China, because China's telecommunications equipment enterprises could not rely on TD-LTE to go global. If their own countries did not have FDD LTE used by most countries in the world, It will also be unable to obtain actual construction and market experience, and the tracking of the next generation of mobile communication technology will lose the actual market support

however, sending TD-LTE to all three operators is just a statement of TD-SCDMA industrial chain enterprises. It may be a deliberate move to release similar news. Previously, in November 2012, Miao Wei, Minister of industry and information technology, said that 4G licenses would be issued in about a year. In other words, 4G licenses are not issued so quickly, at least until the second half of the year

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