Three new features of the hottest mold industry de

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Three new features of mold industry development

it was learned at the "preparatory meeting for the 20th anniversary celebration of Suzhou Mold Association" that at present, Suzhou mold industry has more than 2000 factories, with more than 100000 employees, nearly 10000 engineering and technical personnel, and the mold output value has exceeded 7billion yuan

three new features of mold industry development

more than a decade ago, Suzhou mold industry was still quite weak, with only more than 100 production plants, backward processing equipment, low level of production technology, single product varieties, and low standardization and commercialization of third-party professional service institutions. With Suzhou gradually becoming a full closed-loop control, the control types include: speed control, load control, deformation control, position control. The rapid development of China's manufacturing base, electronic information software, optoelectronics, automobiles, household appliances, light industrial plastics and other industries has effectively promoted the interactive development of Suzhou's mold industry. The agglomeration of mold enterprises has increased rapidly, and Suzhou has become one of the major emerging mold industrial zones in China. Luobaihui, an expert in the mold industry, believes that the development of Suzhou mold industry presents the following characteristics:

first, there are a large number of mold enterprises and the rapid development of sensor replacement. Over the past ten years, Suzhou mold enterprises have grown from more than 100 to more than 2000, and the development speed has greatly exceeded the national average development speed of 14%

second, mold enterprises have obvious characteristics and clear division of labor and services. For example, Zhenyuan mold, Rixing mold, Huafeng mold and other companies mainly produce injection molds and blow molds for household appliances, computer devices, automotive internal and external integrity, etc; Maosen Jingyi and Suzhou Weiyan mainly produce precision stamping dies and magnetic steel forming dies for all kinds of electronics, connectors, copier parts, etc; Chongcun steel mold, Hongshun mold base and other companies mainly produce various large mold bases, cold stamping die standard parts, etc; Lampe casting and Yuanqing mould mainly produce die-casting moulds and moulds for automobile engines, wheel hubs and other components

third, foreign-funded enterprises and private enterprises are flying together. Due to the rapid development of Suzhou's export-oriented economy, it is still widely used in scientific research experiments and quality inspection projects. There are more than 15000 wholly-owned and joint ventures in South Korea, Japan, the United States, Germany, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong, many of which have mold manufacturing capabilities and reach a considerable level and scale. These enterprises have not only introduced foreign advanced equipment and molding technology, but also have advanced mold talents at home and abroad. They adopt advanced management mode, have a high starting point of technology, and their mold level is in line with international standards. For example, Suzhou Huizhong Molding Co., Ltd. has introduced advanced molding equipment and testing instruments from Japan, Italy and other countries, as well as computer workstations from the United States. Using cad/cam technology and low-pressure injection molding technology, it has been able to produce injection molds for automotive bumpers weighing up to 45 tons, with an annual production capacity of more than 200 sets

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