In the hottest 5g environment, Samsung is ready to

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In 5g environment, Samsung has prepared a whole ecosystem to meet the battle of artificial intelligence

in 5g environment, Samsung has prepared a whole ecosystem to meet the battle of artificial intelligence

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original title: in 5g environment, Samsung has prepared a whole ecosystem to meet the battle of artificial intelligence

in every industry, there is a "floor sweeping monk" brand boss who has been working hard for ten years. In the intelligent industry, Samsung may be called one

as the champion of global intelligent sales for many years, Samsung obviously did not give up the mining of user needs and the exploration of new technologies. This can be seen from Samsung's new products released this year

at the beginning of this year, Samsung released the galaxy S10 series, which not only made a breakthrough in punching holes on a top AMOLED screen, but also failed to meet his curiosity about the good momentum of the extruder on the export. The front camera was placed, and the most advanced off screen fingerprint unlocking function was adopted

in addition to the enhancement of hardware, the new UI design has also won the favor of many passers-by. At the same time, the new Bixby, an AI assistant carried by Galaxy S10 series, also improves the recognition rate, shortens the response time, opens up more resources, and can meet the current needs of most intelligent users for intelligent voice interaction and control and management of other home electronic devices on the basis of retaining the four theme functions of the previous generation of Bixby: voice, vision, home page and reminder

in addition to calling out "Hi Bixby" to wake up the AI assistant, users can also press and hold the Bixby under the volume key and release the key after the voice is finished, which is faster and more accurate than the traditional wake-up method through a specific voice. At the same time, these two wake-up methods can be used normally in noisy environments or low battery conditions

in addition, the new generation of Bixby has added daily program functions. Users can automatically perform related tasks in different scenes through custom settings. For example, at a certain time, they can automatically switch the sound mode to mute or turn on eye protection mode and night mode. It not only liberates hands, but also frees mind and attention

in addition to passively accepting the execution instructions of user-defined settings, Bixby can also actively recommend relevant information and suggestions to users by understanding your usage habits and the frequency of opening the app according to users' operations when hitting high tonnage

in addition, users can also tell Bixby how to deal with a new command through the "teach me" option when interacting with Bixby, so that Bixby can make it more personalized to minimize the roller pitch

it is also worth mentioning that Bixby has also added ar experience function that supports beauty and modeling. Users can check the effect of makeup on the before purchasing related products to avoid stepping on thunder

in general, the new Bixby integrates Samsung Electronics' AI technologies in speech recognition, natural semantic understanding, speech synthesis and big data, and can also become the central hub of Samsung lot ecosystem and the traffic portal of smart home scenes

with 5g gradually coming into our daily life, it is no longer just a communication tool, but the key to the interconnection of all things. In order to enable consumers to step into 5g life faster and at a lower cost, Samsung launched the "5g pioneer plan", which allows users of Samsung S10 and A80 to exchange a 5g at a minimum cost of 0 yuan. I believe that the feedback speed and intelligence of the 5g version of Bixby, as well as the control of other devices, will bring a better experience. In the future, with the development of deep learning, algorithms and IOT, Bixby can also bring users richer solutions for different scenes of life and work

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