According to the most popular survey, 98 enterpris

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According to the survey, 98% of enterprise servers are local servers

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum (November 27) (compiled/Lao Qin): according to a survey of spiceworks in 2018, operations should pay attention to what 98% of enterprises still use local servers. The survey targeted more than 1000 IT professionals in North America and Europe, which shows that we still have a lot of work to do to move towards cloud migration. There are countless cloud advocates in organizations of all sizes who are trying to help bring their enterprises into the digital age

it can then be concluded that there is a correlation between the number of enterprise leaders who have not yet migrated to the cloud and the complexity of this behavior

some views on cloud migration

Sascha mehlhase, senior director of product management at flowroutes, said that the migration process of migrating enterprise communication services to the cloud is not complicated. He believes that this is a perceptible complexity. I agree with one of them. Mehlhase said that the difficulties encountered in moving voice and messaging services to the cloud have brought automation to a standstill in many enterprises

as the enterprise transitions from the cloud first strategy to the cloud only goal, the enterprise still hesitates to take a key step towards the cloud field for green organophosphorus compounds.

mehlhase illustrates the advantages of migration and this switch. He also told me that he recognized the lack of cloud adaptability because he was worried about poor audio quality, or that people thought VoIP calls were not as stable as fixed calls

as Colin Gill, akixi's product manager, told me a few months ago, today, this is far from the truth. Gill said: the main reason why enterprises receive poor CX feedback may be because they refuse to modernize. Is it because the form of the new cloud based UC system has changed, the lack of understanding of technology, or they think the Internet is unstable -- some people still try to close the omni channel. The reality is that interconnection is much more stable than we think, and stronger than most traditional lines

the future of cloud migration

Sascha mehlhase

there is still a lot of room for cloud growth. More and more enterprises are adjusting their internal communications to cloud only solutions invented for agility and cost reduction. Although this number is very low, there are some outstanding examples of early adapters, and because solid communication is still the center of booming enterprises, these companies will continue to flourish

I also had the opportunity to chat with Denise Mauldin, the chief engineer of flowroute, in the case of COMAC. Mehlhase and maudlin both provided me with extensive information. However, what Mauldin told me in caused our common ISO method to require the force value accuracy of the pressure testing machine to be ≯± 1.0%. She said that enterprise leaders can use a large number of tools to migrate their communications to the cloud. According to her, cloud providers hope to simplify the migration to cloud migration for developers and IT professionals who may not have enough technical experience, which is why they provide a lot of resources

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