In the first ten days of the hottest period, the n

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In the first ten days of the month, the northern plastic market rose across the board


the ex factory price of PVC of Jinhua Group was yuan, that of Tianjin chemical plant was yuan, that of Siping Lianhua Company was 6400 yuan, that of Qihua group was yuan, and that of Qilu Petrochemical Company was yuan. Compared with the price in the second half of December, Jinhua rose 300 yuan, or 4.9%, that of Tianjin, Siping, and Qihua were up 400 yuan, and that of Qilu rose 600 yuan, or 6 9%, the whole line is popular, and the price rises again. The United States accelerated its military deployment to attack Iraq, the oil price in the Middle East was volatile, and Venezuela, the fifth crude oil exporter, was hit by the strike wave. The export volume fell sharply, and the international oil price fluctuated at a high level. Affected by this, the price of petrochemical products in the domestic and foreign markets was unstable. It is reported that the price of polyvinyl chloride and intermediate external disk, PVC dollars, vinyl chloride monomer VCM $495, dichloroethane EDC $300, rose, forcing the import volume to decline, With the increase of production costs of domestic enterprises and the rush of middlemen to buy last month, we focused on the enterprises in Handan, the Liangshan special purpose vehicle production base in Jining, the manzhuang trade market in Tai'an, the five gold capital in Yongkang, Zhejiang, and the five gold tool production base in Yucheng, Shangqiu. The price of vinyl chloride rose again and again, pulling out a positive line that continued to rise


the ex factory price of low density polyethylene in Daqing Petrochemical Company, f18d (film material) 6750 yuan, m18d (plastic injection) 6650 yuan, 18a, 18e (heavy package loading) 6550 yuan; Lanzhou Petrochemical Company m13d (plastic injection) 6900 yuan; Yanshan Petrochemical Company 1f7b (thin film material) 6800 yuan, 1c7a (coating material) 7100 yuan, ld160 (thin film material) 6730 yuan, LD165 (thin film material) 6750 yuan, LD100, ld100ac (thin film material) 6900 yuan, ld605 (plastic injection) 6600 yuan; Qilu Petrochemical Company tn00/tn26 (film material) 6850 yuan; Compared with the price in the second half of December, the price of Maoming Petrochemical Company (flower material) was 7150 yuan. Daqing rose 250 yuan, Lanzhou rose 300 yuan, Yanshan rose 400 yuan, and Qilu rose 400 yuan. Membrane materials, plastic injection materials and coating materials rose across the board. Maoming stopped production of membrane materials and changed to higher priced flower materials. The overall price of low-density polyethylene showed a steady upward trend


the ex factory price of high-density polyethylene of Fushun ethylene company, 2908, 2909 (plastic injection) 6450 yuan, 2911 (plastic injection) 6500 yuan, 2909fs (plastic injection) 6550 yuan, 2911fs (plastic injection) 6600 yuan; Liaoyang Petrochemical Company l055p (plastic window filler) 6800 yuan; Daqing Petrochemical Company 5000S (wire drawing material) 6450 yuan, j-grade material (plastic injection) 6250 yuan, 2600J (plastic injection) 6150 yuan; Lanzhou Petrochemical Company 5000S 6500 yuan; Yanshan Petrochemical Company 5000S 6550 yuan, 5200b (hollow material) 6600 yuan; Qilu Petrochemical Company 6098 (thin film material), 6145, 6147 (small hollow material) are 6650 yuan, 1158 (large and medium-sized hollow material) 6900 yuan, 2480 (tube material) 7000 yuan. Compared with the price in the second half of December, Fushun rose 400 yuan, Liaoyang rose 100 yuan, Daqing and Yanshan rose 350 yuan, Lanzhou and Qilu rose 300 yuan, the price rose across the board, and the price rose significantly. Yanshan temporarily stopped production of injection molding, pipe and membrane materials with low price, and mainly produced wire drawing and hollow materials. The price of high-density polyethylene in northern China is still relatively low, and there is much room for further rise


the ex factory price of linear low-density polyethylene in ethylene branch of Jilin chemical company, 7042 (granular material) 6600 yuan, Daqing Petrochemical Company 7042, 7041 (film material) 6550 yuan, Lanzhou Petrochemical Company 103aa (film material) 6600 yuan, Qilu Petrochemical Company 70426650 yuan, Maoming Petrochemical Company 8916 (plastic injection) 6600 yuan. Compared with the price in the second half of December, Jilin Chemical rose 350 yuan, or 5.6%, Daqing rose 550 yuan, or 9.1%, Lanzhou rose 400 yuan, With an increase of 6.45%, Qilu rose 550 yuan, or 9%. The linear price rose across the board, and the price rose significantly. According to market changes, Maoming changed the film material to 8916 plastic injection


Liaoyang Petrochemical Company 5004 (drawing material), 70218 (fiber), 71735 (cigarette tow), 70126 (coating material) are all 6700 yuan; Fushun ethylene company T30S (wire drawing material) is 6850 yuan, T38F (film material), Z30S, h30s-2 (fiber) are 6950 yuan; Daqing Petrochemical Company T30S 6800 yuan; Yanshan Petrochemical Company 2401, S1003 (wire drawing material) are 7050 yuan, k8303 (plastic injection) 7200 yuan; Lanzhou Petrochemical Company F401 (wire drawing material) 6800 yuan; Qilu Petrochemical Company T30S yuan, T36F (BOPP film) yuan, EPS30R, epf30r (plastic injection) yuan; Maoming Petrochemical Company t46f (BOPP membrane) 7500 yuan; Jinzhou Petrochemical Company powder 6500 yuan; Tianjin refinery powder 6350 yuan; Shijiazhuang Refinery powder X changes the volume of the sealing working cavity to achieve oil absorption and pressure. D-045 yuan, ed-012 6500 yuan, xd-140 6580 yuan. Compared with the price in the second half of December, Liaoyang rose by yuan, Fushun rose by 300 yuan, Daqing, Qilu, Jinzhou rose by 200 yuan, Yanshan rose by yuan, Lanzhou, Tianjin rose by 100 yuan, Shijiazhuang rose by yuan, the price of polypropylene pellets and powders rose slightly across the board, and the price of plastic injection and some brands exceeded 7000 yuan, The overall price rose again. Maoming suspended the production of T30 wire drawing materials and changed to the production of t46f biaxial tensile film with a higher price in order to achieve better economic benefits


the ex factory price of polypropylene in Yanshan Petrochemical Company is 666d 8200 yuan, and that in Daqing Petrochemical Company is 200D 7800 yuan. Compared with the price in the second half of December, Yanshan rose 500 yuan, Daqing's price remained unchanged, and the price of polystyrene rose steadily


the ex factory price of ABS of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company is 3019800 yuan, the synthetic resin plant of another provincial scientific and technological innovation platform established by Jilin chemical company is 9715a 9610 yuan, Daqing Petrochemical Company is 750W 9600 yuan, 7509500 yuan, 9400 yuan. Compared with the price in the second half of December, Lanzhou rose 500 yuan, or 5.3%, Jihua rose 750 yuan, or 8.46%, Daqing rose 1150 yuan, or 13.6%. Driven by the rising market demand, ABS prices rose across the board, The range is different, and the price is more than 9000 yuan, approaching 10000 yuan

in the first half of January this year, the market of plastic raw materials in Northeast, North China and Northwest China heated up. PVC, low-density, high-density, linear polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and ABS rose across the board, with different increases, and the overall price rose again

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