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General trend of the reform and development of packaging industry (middle)

sales packaging is the development trend of packaging in the future

sales packaging is the comprehensive embodiment of the characteristics and skills of various packaging majors. With the sales of goods, it reaches consumers together with goods. It is the terminal link of supporting services for products. It gives people a first impression with the appearance of products and plays the role of silent salesperson. Therefore, the success of sales packaging, to a large extent, is related to inviting President Elbegdorj to China to attend the host partner dialogue held during the informal APEC leaders' meeting in November this year, which is related to the market share of products, and even affects the efficiency and survival of enterprises. Only by recognizing that sales packaging is the mainstream of packaging, can we consciously plan and coordinate the synchronous development and common improvement of other packaging majors in the development of the entire packaging industry, taking the development needs of sales packaging as the starting point. Sales packaging will also continue to provide technical requirements for new designs, new materials, new processes and new equipment, so as to promote a virtuous circle in the packaging field. In short, sales packaging has been regarded as the driving force for the development of the packaging industry

in order to adapt to market competition and meet the requirements of multi-level consumption, we are constantly sending the information of improvement and innovation to sales packaging. This information is not only for sales packaging, but also refers to the whole packaging industry in general; Without the synchronous development and improvement of various packaging majors, sales packaging will be in the situation of "cooking without rice"

at present, in the era of global economy, scientific progress contributes to the rapid change of packaging materials, manufacturing technology and equipment, creating conditions for the improvement and innovation of sales packaging. For example, after China's entry into the WTO, it will face challenges from both domestic and foreign markets, which has brought new and more arduous tasks to the mainstream and driving force of sales packaging. Therefore, we should broaden our horizons, timely understand and apply new materials and processes, observe and analyze new trends in development, and lose no time in developing innovative products and new sales packaging

sales packaging will be more inclined to multi specification, serialization and characterization in the future. In terms of packaging materials, it tends to be multifunctional, light and green. In terms of packaging machinery, it requires multi-purpose, combination and automation. Especially at present, we are required to adhere to the path of sustainable development, pay attention to maintaining ecological balance, and pay attention to resource conservation and environmental protection. Therefore, in the process of optimizing and innovating sales packaging, we should grasp the source of packaging design, so that the sales packaging can not only meet the needs of the market and consumption, but also meet the requirements of the natural environment in the new era

the development of high-tech and new materials is the key; Convenience is the trend; The key to the development of food packaging is to create personalized market selling points, reduce the consumption of materials and reduce costs

function, environmental protection and simplicity are the mainstream of food packaging

according to the prediction of international food packaging experts for the future food packaging, functionalization, environmental protection and simplicity will become the mainstream trend of international food packaging. Experts believe that aseptic packaging will adopt high-tech and new materials, and the fresh-keeping function will become the focus of food packaging technology development; Non toxic packaging materials are more secure, and packaging and printing inks, adhesives, additives, etc. also pay more attention to safety and environmental protection; Convenience will become the development trend of food packaging, and small food packaging will be favored; Plastic packaging will gradually replace glass products; The composite flexible packaging made of paper, aluminum foil, plastic film and other packaging materials will show high-grade and multifunctional; The application of petrochemical products will produce auxiliary materials for new packaging materials; The acceleration of the pace of social life will make fast food packaging face great opportunities for development; The future packaging design will use more computer technology, and pay more attention to the rationalization of packaging design and the overall lightness of packaging; In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, improving the performance and function of packaging materials, creating packaging with personalized characteristics and market selling points, reducing the consumption of packaging materials and reducing packaging costs will become the key for enterprises to win in the future

in terms of food packaging machinery, experts pointed out that the general trend of food packaging machinery in the future is the continuous application of various new technologies, new machines and new methods; Its technology will develop towards high speed, high efficiency and high quality; The development focus will be on energy conservation and consumption reduction, reliable quality and performance, advanced control level, good stability, light weight, compact structure, low noise, high efficiency, and environmental protection

how to test the fatigue performance of the spring compensator in the subway in the next five years is a critical period for the rapid development of China's pharmaceutical packaging industry. China urgently needs to improve the compatibility test between new pharmaceutical preparations and new plastic packaging materials

pharmaceutical packaging urgently needs to match new dosage forms

the annual output value of pharmaceutical packaging materials in China will quickly exceed 20billion yuan in the short term. However, the current problems of backward packaging materials and market chaos in plastic drug packaging materials enterprises are still quite serious, especially compared with the emerging new dosage forms, the matching drug packaging materials follow-up speed is too slow, so that enterprises can not be so easy to be proud of the market

some experts predict that the next five years will be a critical period for the rapid development of China's pharmaceutical packaging industry. At present, the annual output value of China's pharmaceutical packaging industry is about 15billion yuan, which can only meet about 80% of the needs of domestic pharmaceutical enterprises with broad market utilization prospects, and promote the rapid development of the plastic pharmaceutical packaging industry in recent years. However, it is for this reason that some software conditions supporting the pharmaceutical industry have lagged behind and can not keep up with the pace of development. At present, the compatibility test between new pharmaceutical preparations and new plastic packaging materials needs to be improved in China. The relevant person of Nanfang Packaging Co., Ltd. said: such tests are now generally carried out by enterprises on behalf of customers, with a very long cycle and great investment in human and material resources. It is reported that there are not many pharmaceutical packaging material manufacturers like Nanfang packaging that are able to undertake such businesses. It is understood that at present, most of the existing plastic drug packaging material production enterprises in China are township collective enterprises, which are small in scale, low in personnel quality, equipment, technology and management level, and unstable in product quality, resulting in disordered competition in the market. In order to reduce costs, some enterprises secretly buy a large number of low-cost and low-quality products. For example, the same composite membrane is produced in the clean workshop according to the regulations, and the cost is about 22000 yuan/ton; However, those produced in the "underground factory" cost no more than 18000 yuan/ton. Some large-scale enterprises are unable to do anything about the chaotic market situation, and have begun to seek diversified development and turn to explore packaging opportunities in the food industry. For the expansion of drug packaging production, they believe that it still needs to wait for the country to further rectify and regulate the market. The market demand for high-quality printing paper and packaging paper is still strong; The pace of research and development of special paper for food packaging will be accelerated; The development prospect of paper cans is broad; More attention will be paid to the recycling of packaging paper

paper packaging has great potential

1. The overall development trend of the paper market in 2005

due to the strategic adjustment of the economic structure implemented by the state, the macro-control has been strengthened, the prudent fiscal and monetary policies have been implemented, and the structural optimization and growth mode transformation have been paid attention to, so that the domestic economy has maintained stable and sustainable development. It is estimated that the GDP growth rate will remain at 8 ~ 9% in 2004, and the economic growth rate will still be 4 ~ 5 percentage points higher than the global economic growth rate

the sustained and rapid development of China's economy has provided a stable operating environment and development space for the paper industry. According to the production of major domestic papermaking products and the supply of papermaking raw materials, as well as the trend of the international and domestic paper market, the overall situation of domestic papermaking production and market this year is expected to be: (1) with the domestic economic development, the market demand for paper will continue to increase, and the total domestic production will continue to grow. (2) The market demand for high-quality printing paper and packaging paper is still strong, and the market demand for special paper will expand. As there is still a gap in the market of some paper varieties, the imported products and total volume will still occupy a certain market share. (3) Due to the insufficient supply of total domestic paper production, a large number of imports have been imported for many years, coupled with the huge potential market demand and the improvement of the economic environment, China's paper industry has become a hot spot for overseas and domestic investors. (4) Due to the increase of the total domestic paper production and the shortage of domestic paper raw materials, it is expected that the domestic paper demand for commercial pulp and waste paper will continue to expand this year, and the import volume will continue to increase. (5) Due to the large number of newly started and put into operation papermaking projects in China in the past two years, the increase of some products ⑤, the rapid volume of electromechanical products after judgment and suspension, and the fact that imported products will continue to compete for the market, it is expected that the competition in the paper Market will be more intense this year, the supply-demand relationship of some varieties will be unbalanced, the market price of paper will fluctuate, and the market price of some products will decline

according to the above situation, for the paper market next year, domestic paper-making enterprises, especially those producing bulk products, should not only pursue output, but should work hard to adapt to market needs, adjust the structure of paper-making products and improve the market competitiveness of products. In addition, qualified enterprises and regions should also seize the opportunity that papermaking has become a hot investment spot to seek growth and development

environmental protection is also a key factor related to the development of the paper industry. Judging from the current situation, it has become a big problem whether paper enterprises can survive. With the strengthening of management and law enforcement, it is impossible to muddle through in the past. Last year, it was exposed by the environmental protection department that many paper-making enterprises that failed to meet the emission standards were large-scale enterprises, which had a great social impact. Therefore, enterprises cannot only focus on production and ignore environmental protection. In particular, with regard to water use and discharge in papermaking production, according to relevant national regulations, the new water intake quota standards should be implemented in 2005 according to different raw materials and products. In addition, in July 2003, the State Environmental Protection Administration and the national development and Reform Commission promulgated new pollutant discharge charging standards. Therefore, it is not only the need of sustainable development, but also the need of improving competitiveness for paper enterprises to do a good job in water conservation and drainage. Paper enterprises must pay attention to this problem

2. Prediction of the development of China's paper packaging industry

◎ development of special food packaging paper

at present, the pace of research and development of special food packaging paper in China should be accelerated. What needs to be developed urgently is food insulation packaging paper. The function of this paper is to keep cooked food fragrant, fresh and hot after packaging, so that people can eat it conveniently to adapt to the fast pace of life. The principle of this kind of insulation paper is that it can convert light energy into heat energy like a solar collector. Usually people only need to put this special paper in a place where the sun can shine, and the space surrounded by the paper will be constantly supplemented with heat, so as to keep the food in the paper warm

◎ paper cans have broad prospects for development

at present, the annual consumption of aluminum cans in China is 6 ~ 7billion. Raw materials need to be imported in large quantities, and the price is expensive. Coupled with environmental pollution and other factors, the state has no longer approved the construction of new aluminum cans production lines, and whether to find new packaging containers to replace aluminum cans has become a hot issue of concern in the industry. The birth of paper cans overcomes the disadvantages of aluminum cans

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