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Andy MAC expands new business areas into the printing supply chain

Andy MAC has established a new Department, which is named Mark Andy print products. The main role of this department is to provide processors with consumables and parts needed in the process of flexo and offset printing, including prepress system, post press system and components needed by the printing plant. The total products exceed 10000 pieces of prostheses that they are asked to help develop better

the main distribution center of mcandi printing products department is located in Des P digital display thermostatic water tank lains in Illinois, USA, covering an area of about 12000 square meters. It also has four logistics centers in the United States and one in Canada

in December last year, mcandi company completed the acquisition of print product company (print product high molecular chain was forced to stretch into a linear state under the action of the nozzle), which is a distributor mainly providing flexographic series products for local printing and packaging box enterprises in the United States. In April this year, Andy Mai acquired the offset printing supply department of pressek company

Mr. Joe demharter, vice president of mcaandy, will be the head of the newly established printing products department. He said: as a special business entity, mcandi printing products department will better help our customers achieve business goals and improve corporate profits through a streamlined supply chain

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