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You, the exquisite dessert Yuzhan as340 solid-state drive is sweet

Yuzhan technology recently launched a solid-state drive beyond the same level, Panther as340, which will be the best choice for E-sports players to go to the feast. The as340 "Panther Panther" SSD, which is oriented by E-sports products, makes users feel that the computer speed is like the extreme speed of panther Benz, and the computer files are simply thunderbolt seconds. Let's have a complete understanding of as340

as340 outer package adopts cool black as the main body. Unpack the package and mark the product model and interface speed on the front. In the middle is a large enterprise of almost all biomedical materials. It is a Flying Leopard running by multinational companies, symbolizing extreme speed. The back is divided into three categories in 10 languages: spring tension and compression testing machine, spring change testing machine and spring fatigue testing machine. A brief introduction is given to the 2.5-inch drive free hard disk, the compatibility of the operating system, the performance comparison between HDD and SSD, the capacity of the hard disk is 240gb, and the product material meets the standard. To a certain extent, the language type of product introduction shows the geographical scope and quality of products. It is worth mentioning that the Yuzhan as340 SSD adopts a screw free snap combination design as a whole. After a certain position is tilted by an angle, it can be opened with a fingernail, which is very convenient

as340 Panther meets the medium and high-level combat product line of Yuzhan technology SSD, showing that Panther hunting is fast, accurate and ruthless. It adopts a new generation of SATA III interface and provides an extremely fast interface speed of 6gb/s, reaching a maximum speed of 505mb continuous reading and 410mb continuous writing per second. It is absolutely a high-quality product with guaranteed quality and speed. When E-sports players operate, the speed is sweet to the heart. In addition, as340 Panther has high cost performance and is the best choice for entry-level E-sports players

as340 Panther has the advantages of extremely fast startup, shock resistance and fall prevention, wear leveling technology, and support for devslp power mode. As340 Panther has 20g anti-seismic and 1500g anti fall protection capabilities. Even in the process of use, it does not need to worry about hard disk failure and data damage. It has built-in advanced wear leveling technology and automatic error correction (ECC) functions, and supports Windows 7 trim instructions, which can not only prolong the service life of SSD and improve the stability of operation, but also ensure that the effect will not decline after long-term use. As340 Panther offers a variety of capacity options, which can meet the needs of different users. At the same time, it has launched its own SSD widget software, allowing users to detect the health status of SSD and update firmware in time

by introducing the new generation of desolite supercoatings, in addition, as340 Panther SSD can be used in both desktops and notebooks. Desktop users can use as340 Panther as the system disk, and the original hard disk as the data disk or external hard disk, which can enjoy the dual advantages of high-speed transmission and large capacity storage at the same time. After upgrading as340 panther, notebook computer users can immediately feel the great leap forward in performance, significantly improving the speed of starting up and opening procedures. As340 Panther enjoys a three-year global warranty, so sweet that it has no worries

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