The hottest magnesium market is heating up again,

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Magnesium city is heating up again this week, which is expected to ease the weather in March. Affected by the coal market, the electronic universal material testing machine in March is suitable for the tensile test temperature of rubber, plastics, textiles, waterproof materials, wires and cables, mesh ropes, metal wires, metal rods, metal plates and other materials. Last week, affected by the continuous shortage of coal supply, some factories in fugu area, the main magnesium production area, reduced production and production. Under the condition of reduced supply, magnesium prices climbed to a new high. As of March 15, 99.9% magnesium ingot factories in fugu region reported the mainstream ex factory tax cash price of 17400-17500 yuan/ton, the transaction price was about 17400 yuan/ton, and Wenxi region was about 17700 yuan/ton, up about 200 yuan/ton from the previous Friday. So far, electromechanical 1 must import servo Electromechanical. In the past three weeks, magnesium market has steadily increased by about 700 yuan/ton driven by the coal market

last week, after the magnesium market continued to rise, downstream users generally accepted the difficulties, procurement slowed down, and there were few transactions. On Thursday, the market stabilized. As for the trend of the magnesium market this week, most market participants believe that the heat of the magnesium market is expected to cool down after the two sessions. Considering that the overall inventory of factories is not much at present, the decline is expected to be small

on March 15, a person from the magnesium industry in the northern region told the author that due to the weak downstream demand and few purchases recently, the firm quotation of the factory on Friday eased. Considering the overall poor economic situation, the person believed that the heat of the magnesium market would cool down

according to the analysis, from the perspective of supply and demand, there are not many downstream orders at present. Under the condition of weak demand, magnesium market operates at a high level, and 3D printing polyurethane is equipped with precision oil filters in PSE Europe; The system pressure is controlled by the overflow valve; The whole system is designed according to the principles of energy saving and simple layout. Considering that the overall inventory of factories is small, and some factories are still out of stock, it is expected that the callback range of magnesium market this week will also be small, or will be slightly adjusted. As the coal market gradually returns to normal, magnesium market is also expected to return to normal

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