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Product data management (PDM) implementation guide

I. background of PDM

in the 1960s and 1970s, enterprises began to use CAD, cam and other technologies in their design and production process. The application of new technologies not only promoted the development of productivity, but also brought new challenges. For manufacturing enterprises, although the computer-aided technology of each unit has become increasingly mature, they all form their own system, and lack effective information sharing and utilization between them, forming the so-called "information island". In this case, many enterprises have realized that the orderly management of information will become the key factor to keep ahead in the future competition. Product data management (PDM for short) is a new management idea and technology running under this background. PDM can be defined as a technology that takes software technology as the basis and products as the core to realize the integrated management of product related data, processes and resources. PDM is clearly positioned as facing manufacturing enterprises, taking products as the core of management, and taking data, process and resources as the three elements of management information. The two main lines of PDM information management are static product structure and dynamic product design process. All information organization and resource management are carried out around product design, which is also the key for PDM system to be different from other information management systems, such as enterprise information management system (MIS), manufacturing resource planning (MRP Ⅱ), project management system (PM), and enterprise resource planning (ERP)

II. Research trends at home and abroad

in recent years, many enterprises in China have continuously applied computer technology, PDM has also attracted attention in enterprises, and many enterprises have become interested in PDM technology. Product data management (PDM) is of great significance in realizing enterprise information integration, improving enterprise management level and product development efficiency. Many large and medium-sized enterprises in China have fully realized this, but at present, the application of PDM in China is still relatively weak. Therefore, exploring the successful experience and methodology of PDM implementation is of great significance to promote the application of PDM. Product data management system PDM is the basic data platform of enterprise design and process department, but now the application of PDM has already gone beyond the field of engineering design. Today, more and more companies that have conditions can also be equipped with carton compression testing machine or are preparing to install PDM system. According to relevant statistics, the PDM market will reach 2.5 billion US dollars by 2001

PDM is one of the important technologies in the field of computer application. In recent years, PDM is the fastest developing technology in the product industry. The application of PDM has brought extraordinary achievements to enterprises. PDM technology has been widely used abroad. Among the enterprises surveyed by cimdata company in the United States, 98% of them have to implement PDM. Some enterprises in China have also implemented PDM. PDM technology is a technology that manages all product related information and all product related processes. Its core is to enable all THF, the largest downstream of BDO, and project related people to freely share heterogeneous data related to products throughout the information lifecycle. PDM technology has developed rapidly in the 1990s. PDM can be regarded as an enterprise information integration framework (framework). Various applications such as cad/cam/cae, EDA, OA, CAPP, MRP, etc. will be directly integrated as "objects" through various ways, such as application interface, development (packaging), etc., so that all product data distributed in various places of the enterprise and used in various applications can be highly integrated, coordinated, shared, and all product R & D processes can be highly optimized or reorganized. At present, many large enterprises in the world are gradually taking it as a key technology to support business process reengineering, concurrent engineering and ISO9000 quality certification, so as to maintain the competitiveness of enterprises

III. how to choose PDM software

at present, there are many famous PDM software abroad, such as metaphase of SDRC company, Iman and PTC3 of EDS company WINCHILL of the lifting guide wheel adjustment company, product manager of IBM company, optegra of CV company, etc. they basically represent the highest level of technology in which the PDM transmission system is an important part of the experimental machine. As PDM technology is gradually valued in China, many domestic software manufacturers also see the great potential of PDM market and have developed their own PDM products, such as Zhejiang datianchuang Ruifeng software company, Huazhong software company of Huazhong University of technology, Gaohua company of Tsinghua University, Keith company of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tongchuang company of Nanjing and alpine company of Northeastern University. At the same time, many domestic enterprises have implemented PDM systems, some of which adopt PDM systems developed by foreign manufacturers, such as Chunlan air conditioning plant, Haier Group, Changhong, Konka, etc. the PDM products adopted are Iman of American EDS company, the PDM products adopted by Xi'an aircraft design are PM of IBM company, and the PDM products adopted by the second Academy of Aeronautics and space engineering 204 are metaphase of American SDRC company; There are also PDM systems developed by domestic manufacturers, such as Ningbo Shenling Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Haitai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. the PDM products used are GS-PDM of datianchuang Ruifeng software company, and the PDM products used by Jiangxi Isuzu automobile factory, Shanghai Port Machinery Factory and Suzhou Valve Factory are intepdm of Huazhong software company. From the perspective of application effect, some have achieved obvious economic benefits, while others have failed to achieve the expected goals. According to the experience summary, enterprises should pay attention to the following problems in order to achieve the goal of applying PDM system:

but the choice of software for enterprises should be based on the fact that it can meet the use and the investment is relatively economic, that is, it can improve the quality of products, shorten the development cycle of products, and meet the current and recent functional needs of enterprises, so as to occupy the market as soon as possible and create benefits for enterprises. From the perspective of software selection, which PDM product should be selected, in addition to the two important factors of function and price, it is more important to consider the technical service system and capabilities of PDM suppliers

IV. experience in promoting and implementing PDM

1. Clarify the positioning and planned objectives of PDM

clarify the positioning and objectives. PDM system is divided into project team level PDM system, enterprise level PDM system and Distributed PDM system according to its functional, system independence, scale, openness and other differences. PDM is an effective method to realize the optimal management of enterprises. It is the product of the combination of scientific management framework and practical problems of enterprises. In theory, the application of PDM can generally improve the product development cycle and the level of enterprise management. But in fact, many enterprises have not improved their production efficiency after introducing PDM software. The goals that enterprises need to achieve through the application of PDM should be comprehensively considered with the actual situation and future development strategy of the enterprise, and practical and reasonable goals should be set, which should not be set too high

2. Formulate effective implementation strategies and set goals in stages and steps

from the perspective of function, most PDM software on the market at present has the functions of drawing and document management, project management and process management, product tree management and configuration management, approval and annotation, coding management and user management, tools, e-mail and so on. However, it is difficult to implement all contents at one time. The better way is to start with some applications, such as: first, apply drawing and document management, process management, product tree management and configuration management, second, introduce tools and e-mail, and finally implement approval, product tree management and project management

because the "quality" of product developers in enterprises is not exactly the same, even for the implementation of the "project team level PDM" project, there will be problems in the comprehensive promotion: due to the implementation of PDM, the normal product development activities will be affected; Due to the influence of some people, the implementation cycle of the project is prolonged, resulting in a waste of software investment

3. Pay attention to the establishment of the implementation team and select experienced suppliers with strong technical force

pdm implementation includes the implementation teams of product designers, enterprise leaders and partners before it can be put into use. It should be emphasized here that the selection of suppliers with strong technical force has a great impact on the success of PDM. Before introducing PDM, most enterprises did not have talents with PDM implementation experience and secondary development. Only with the assistance of suppliers, combined with the problems found in practice, can PDM really play a role

4. We should win the high attention and full support of the decision-making level of the enterprise

it is not difficult for enterprises to buy a set of applicable software and cultivate a capable technical team. However, involving the transformation of the enterprise's inherent production methods and management systems is not what technicians can do. The PDM Project involves the reorganization of the development team, the integration of product information, the standardization of processes and other aspects of management issues. The establishment of a standardized database requires the support of multiple design groups, and the process management requires the cooperation of all employees. Only by winning the strong support of the decision-making level and combining the implementation of PDM with enterprise restructuring and reform can we avoid detours. The importance and implementation difficulty of PDM lies in its special management. Therefore, if the enterprise leaders are not fully aware of this when establishing the project, it is very difficult for PDM projects to succeed

5. Pay attention to the training of PDM users

employee training in enterprises is different from teaching in schools. Most employees are only temporarily enthusiastic about the content of training, and will not actively spend a lot of energy to understand it thoroughly or thoroughly. PDM is a technology, but first of all, it is a management idea. If the leaders of enterprises or project teams do not have a comprehensive understanding of PDM, it will be difficult to promote PDM. The way to solve this problem is to train the relevant managers of the enterprise step by step

6. We should pay full attention to the standardization of product data and the standardization of process

standardization, standardization and serialization are the premise and foundation of modern industrial production. The exchange of various data is inseparable from standardization. In fact, the implementation of PDM is to realize the integrity and standardization of enterprise product information and the scientization of management system. Therefore, standardization is a very important content in the implementation of PDM projects. Taking full advantage of the standardization of products, these standard parts, general parts and typical structures can be managed uniformly through PDM system, and it takes a lot of energy to realize rapid search. In implementing PDM, we must attach great importance to the standardization and normalization of processes. (end)

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