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With the penetration of AI technology into various industries, intelligent vehicles have also ushered in great opportunities for change

on February 26, the country's first cloud summit and the country's first live cloud Investment Promotion Conference - "2020 Hangzhou, China Cloud West Lake summit", a number of technology-based enterprises in the field of intelligent vehicles appeared

magic intelligence focuses on automatic driving and advanced assisted driving. It is an automatic driving company that realizes embedded production in the field of automotive auto drive system. Magic intelligence runs the optimized AI computing engine efficiently on Low-Power Embedded Processors

Yu Chengyi, a partner of magic vision intelligence, pointed out at the meeting that in the next 20 years, cars will change to smart cars. In this process, the brain of intelligent driving is the core of this level

"the so-called intelligent driving brain is to perceive the environment by receiving information, complete the actions of car body positioning, path, planning and driving decision, and then feed back the results of the decision to the car actuator for control, so as to realize the automatic driving of the car. This is also the mode of magic intelligent products." Yu Chengyi said

as the first company in China to successfully use FPGA chips in intelligent driving at all levels. At present, magic vision has established business cooperation with SAIC, Geely, BYD and other domestic first-line car manufacturers

among many enterprises in the field of autonomous driving at the meeting, Xue Yuliang, vice president of ivy capital, was optimistic about the business model of magic vision intelligence, and asked, "autonomous driving has a good momentum of development in recent years, and there are practical breakthroughs in both technology and application scenarios. As one of them, what do magic vision intelligence think of its future planning?"

Yu Chengyi said: "For the future development direction, we plan to gradually provide customer service for these products based on the existing mass production projects and R & D projects. At the same time, we plan to develop two types of equipment, no matter which type of equipment, and the price of power batteries and four major materials will have a great fluctuation. We hope that the business products of magic vision intelligence can meet the requirements of listing on the science and technology innovation board, and become the data provider for the development, design, production and testing of new materials It supports an international self driving supplier. "

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