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Magnetic particle brake is an automatic control element with superior performance

magnetic particle brake is an automatic control element with superior performance. It is 1.4 ball type: the mechanism is mainly composed of four balls (one upper ball and three lower balls), which are said by people in the industry. The friction uses magnetic powder as the working medium and exciting current as the control means to control braking or transmit torque. The output torque has a good linear relationship with the exciting powder current and has nothing to do with the speed or slip. It has the advantages of fast response and simple structure. Widely used in printing, packaging, papermaking and paper processing 1 Power supply: ac220v400w, printing and dyeing, textile, cable, wire, rubber leather, metal foil belt and other automatic tension control systems related to coiling devices. Magnetic particle brakes can also be used as analog loaders, and are widely used for power and efficiency measurement of power and transmission machinery such as motors, internal combustion engines, gearboxes, etc

the magnetic powder brake is composed of a transmission unit (input shaft) and a driven unit (output shaft). The space between the two groups of units is filled with granular magnetic particles (accumulated about 40 microns). When the magnetic coil is not conductive, the torque will not be transmitted from the drive shaft to the driven shaft, but if the coil is electromagnetically energized, the magnetic powder will be attracted by the magnetic force to produce hardening phenomenon, and the torque will be transmitted between successive sliding

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