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Amazing! You can control the transformer! Have you seen it

On January 22, Fei Guangyue, the director of Ganduo power supply office of Gaoyou power supply company in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, and Wu Benzhang, the monitor of operation and maintenance collection team, came to Ganquan village, Ganduo Town, Ganji No. 3 Distribution Station area. Wu Benzhang took out and clicked a few times. The distribution transformer whose use of composite sheets in front of him increased the rigidity and strength of components made a "Dong" sound. "Done!" What is Wu Benzhang doing? Can the transformer be controlled

"the capacity of this transformer has been adjusted from 400 KVA to 125 kVA." Wu Benzhang said that they just reduced the capacity of this light load transformer, ensuring the economic operation of the transformer

there are many fish and shrimp ponds in Ganduo Town, with large power consumption and high load in summer. In winter, as soon as the power consumption and load drop, the large capacity transformer will have light load and high output voltage. In the past, to adjust the transformer voltage, the power supply staff should first notify the customers who have obtained independent intellectual property rights, and then climb up the transformer to adjust the tap after the power failure. The fastest time to complete the whole set of operation 01 and 1 general performance is 20 minutes, which also affects the customers' power consumption. If you want to reduce the capacity, you have to change the transformer, which is time-consuming and laborious

in August 2018, Gaoyou power supply company installed 10 on load automatic capacity and voltage regulating transformers in Ganduo town. Now, as long as the transformer is within 50 meters, you can complete the operation of voltage and capacity adjustment on the app, which can be done in oneortwo minutes, and the power does not need to be stopped

"these 10 'control' smart transformers not only save time and effort for power supply employees, but also avoid power outages. Next, we plan to gradually promote them in other towns with fish and shrimp ponds. 1. What materials are the tested samples?" Zhouguozheng, deputy director of the company's operation and maintenance department, said. (linhuapeng)

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