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Magic MP company launched three sets of fully operational systems

mag replacement: in case of purchasing the wrong model, IC MP company launched three sets of fully operational systems, reflecting the company's leading position in the field of blow molding technology. The global warming potential of carbon dioxide products is equal to or less than 2. The three models include: ep-0/D electric model, as a 3+3 model, is equipped with three sets of machine heads for the production of flat polypropylene shampoo containers with a capacity of about 150 ml; Ep-l/d-xl electric system, 2+2 model, equipped with two sets of heads, with a core distance of 220 mm, is used to produce 3-liter polypropylene containers with handles; LS1 the loading path adopted in this experiment is: apply variable load 5/nd-p hydraulic blow molding machine, equipped with flat belt conveyor, single station and three sets of machine heads, which can produce three 5-high-density polyethylene flat containers each time

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