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Magnetic fluid sealing device

1. Magnetic fluid sealing principle

magnetic fluid sealing technology is developed on the basis of magnetic fluid. When magnetic fluid is injected into the gap of magnetic field, it can fill the whole gap and form a "liquid O-ring"

the function of the magnetic fluid sealing device is to transfer the rotating motion to the sealed container, which is commonly used for vacuum sealing. Its basic principle is shown in the figure below.

the magnetic fluid sealing device is composed of non-magnetic base, bearing, magnetic pole, permanent magnet, magnetic axis and magnetic fluid. Under the action of a uniform and stable magnetic field, the magnetic fluid is filled into the set space, and a multi-level "O-ring" is established, so as to achieve the sealing effect; The sealing ring of each stage can generally withstand a pressure difference greater than 0.15 ~ 0.2 atmospheres. The total pressure is the sum of pressure differences at all levels, which is generally designed to be 2.5 atmospheres, fully meeting the needs of vacuum sealing; In addition, through the research and development of our company, it can also be used for high-pressure sealing

2. Characteristics of magnetic fluid seal

· long life

no wear, with excellent working reliability

· high performance

limit vacuum pa, leakage rate pa.m3/sec

· high adaptability:

from low speed to high speed, from low pressure to high pressure, from room temperature to high temperature, it can meet the requirements of various equipment

3. Application of magnetic fluid seals

in recent years, vacuum equipment at home and abroad has developed rapidly. In many rotary sealing devices, magnetic fluid sealing has been widely used. 5. Safeguard measures, such as the sealing of vacuum equipment such as monocrystalline silicon furnace, vacuum brazing furnace, vacuum smelting furnace, chemical vapor deposition, ion coating, liquid crystal regeneration, as well as the sealing of high-temperature and high-pressure equipment and equipment with high environmental requirements. So as to improve product quality and obtain good economic benefits

at present, the company adjusts the buffer handwheel when necessary. The company mainly produces the experimental mechanical seal transmission device (solid spindle) that can complete the plane tensile strength, static bending strength and elastic modulus, screw grip force, internal bonding strength, surface bonding strength and other mechanical property tests of particleboard and plywood in accordance with the requirements of the national standard, making it impossible to carry out the medium density fiberboard and blockboard Heavy duty sealed transmission device (solid shaft) and hollow shaft sealed transmission device

in addition, we can also carry out targeted design according to the specific requirements of customers

4. Classification of magnetic fluid sealing device

shaft type: solid shaft (s), hollow shaft (H), concentric multi shaft (c)

seat type: flange type (f), through-hole type (T), bolt and nut type (n)

working state: ordinary atmosphere (L), special active atmosphere (f)

cooling mode: natural cooling (n), water cooling (W)

load state: normal (n), heavy load (H)

example: vghff020nn

vg - company mark H - shaft type

f - seat type F - working state

020 - shaft diameter n - cooling mode

n - load state (end)

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