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The paper institute was selected into the list of "leaders" of enterprise standards in key fields in 2019 release date: Source: National Technical Committee for standardization of paper industry

on August 22, the China Institute of standardization released the evaluation scheme and list of evaluation institutions of "leaders" of enterprise standards in 2019, and the paper institute was successfully elected as the "leader" of enterprise standards

the "leader" evaluation system of enterprise standards is jointly issued by eight ministries and commissions including the State Administration of market supervision. The system aims to increase the effective supply of medium and high-end products through high-level standards, support high-quality development, and play an important role in deepening the reform of standardization, promoting the transformation of new and old economic drivers, supply side structural reform, and cultivating a number of leading enterprises with innovative capabilities

in this collection of evaluation institutions, the paper institute responded positively and arranged personnel to draft and declare the evaluation plan of "leader" of enterprise standards in key areas related to paper products. After expert review, confirmation and publicity, the paper institute finally determined the list of "leaders" of enterprise standards, and will be responsible for the evaluation of "leaders" of enterprise standards in the three key areas of wipes, sanitary napkins and toilet paper

this time, the paper institute was selected into the list of enterprise standard "leaders" evaluation institutions, which is of great significance to enhance the influence of the paper institute industry, guide enterprises to pay attention to and improve product quality and safety indicators, and guide consumers to choose high-quality and safe products. Next, according to the work requirements, the paper institute will carefully complete the enterprise standard evaluation of relevant products in the three key areas where there is oil stain, dirt on the toothed rod or the upper limit plate of the toothed rod is pressed too tightly. 1 Longitudinal and transverse breaking force. Enterprises interested in participating in the selection of "leaders" of enterprise standards in three key areas are welcome to call for consultation. This series of models are mainly applicable to various tube ring stiffness test experiments, 8115

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