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Papermaking industry: promote information reform

papermaking is one of the four great inventions in ancient China. It plays an irreplaceable core role in the process of human civilization and is internationally recognized as an inexhaustible industry. Due to the small scale, similar structure and extensive management of China's paper-making enterprises, as well as the soaring raw material prices in the international market in recent years, the economic benefits of China's paper-making enterprises are generally poor. In the face of severe practical challenges, the key for Chinese paper enterprises to take the opportunity of recovering the stability of the lumbar spine in the case of non financing, and take the lead in breaking through the siege to achieve transformation is to promote information reform, improve the efficiency of enterprise management, realize the transformation from traditional enterprises to modern information enterprises, and then embark on a development road of intensive management

first of all, realizing the informatization of the paper industry can better grasp the market opportunities. If China's paper industry wants to seize the opportunity and expand its business in the fierce market competition, it must have experimental power and precision: <1n highly modern information collection and feedback system. By establishing a perfect enterprise information system, we can effectively manage the market demand, accurately predict the market, and then effectively connect the internal production, sales, logistics and other departments of the enterprise with external suppliers and customers, so as to realize the efficient coordination of the supply chain system, help the enterprise respond to the market quickly and constantly expand the profit space

secondly, the realization of informatization in the paper industry can help enterprises optimize the flow, derive experimental force displacement curves, deformation time curves, and strengthen management. At present, the paper industry has basically realized basic automation and process automation, and formed a relatively independent system on this basis, but each system has its own processing logic, database, data model and communication mechanism. They form an information island, lacking the sharing of information resources and the unified management of production process. Through the information integration platform, we can establish a digital and transparent factory, straighten out the human, financial, material, production, supply, marketing and other links of the enterprise, and realize the integration and control of logistics, information flow and capital flow

thirdly, realizing the informatization of paper enterprises can effectively enhance the international competitiveness of enterprises and expand the international market of paper products. After China's entry into WTO, paper enterprises are facing more severe challenges while facing more development opportunities. Informatization has become an important condition for paper enterprises to participate in international economic and technological cooperation and compete for cobalt. Whether enterprises can realize informatization is an important condition for their survival and development in the process of economic globalization

in short, promoting industrialization with informatization is an inevitable choice for Chinese paper enterprises to improve their production and management level. Promote the reform of informatization and realize the effective integration of enterprise production activities and business activities; The establishment of a digital transparent factory has become a bridge and link for optimizing operation, control and management, which will play a great role in further improving the competitiveness of Chinese paper enterprises in the world

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