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Paper knowledge: paper measurement

I Paper specification

1 What are the specifications of paper

commonly used paper has two specifications: large and positive

2. What is big paper

specification 889*1193 (mm) is large size paper

3. What is positive degree paper

specification 787*1092 (mm) is positive paper

4. How to calculate the number of sheets

fold the whole paper in half to split, and then fold the split paper in half to four. According to gb/t2, if the pressure is not enough to meet the requirements of 39 ⑴ 999, and so on, there are eight... Sixty-four. Similarly, divide the whole paper equally into three pieces for three openings, and then divide three pieces into six openings, and so on, there are twelve openings... Ninety-six openings

II Paper measurement

1 What is the unit of measurement of paper

order or roll

2. What is web paper

roll the whole piece of paper into a barrel

3. How many pieces of paper for a ream

a ream is 500 sheets of paper. (in some countries, one order is 1000 sheets of paper)

4 How are volumes and orders converted

usually a roll is equivalent to about 10 reams

5. How to measure the thickness of paper

gram weight. (the number of grams is large, and the closed-loop control is really realized. The paper 2 is completed at the bottom of the system. It attaches great importance to the thickness of food in contact with raw materials)

6 What does gram weight mean

gram weight means the weight per square meter of a piece of paper

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