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Paper lunch boxes should also be labeled with QS. Paper packaging began to have an access threshold

following the addition of QS labels to soft and tough plastic packaging for food products, paper cups, instant noodles, paper bowls and other food paper packaging and containers also began to have an access threshold, and QS signs (QualitySafety, that is, quality and safety) must be affixed to enter the hands of consumers

yesterday, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision issued the "detailed rules for the examination of the production license of food paper packaging, containers and other products" issued by the AQSIQ. Two categories of 21 products have become the first batch of food paper packaging and containers to implement market access. The new food paper packaging with access threshold includes tea filter paper, food parchment, translucent paper, cellophane, waxed paper, white cardboard, etc. Containers for food include paper bags, paper cans, paper cups, paper tableware and cartons. The paper packaging and containers that Beijing citizens encounter directly with food are basically involved in working together for the future of Hong Kong. For example, cartons include pastry boxes, hamburger packaging boxes, paper cups include cold drink cups, ice cream cups, etc., and paper tableware includes paper meals. It is assumed that it has changed and is rich in new URL boxes, paper bowls, paper trays, instant noodles, paper bowls, etc

the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China will set a transitional period for enterprises to apply for market access. After the end of the period, all production enterprises that have not obtained access will be banned according to law

it is reported that Beijing has begun to investigate and verify the number and basic situation of food paper packaging and container manufacturers in the city

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