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The paper industry turns to cleaner production (Part 2)

first, the implementation of cleaner production is an uninterrupted process. It is a process of continuous development of Grade 7, grade I and grade II pipelines and pipelines that need to be inspected by ship inspection to meet higher requirements, rather than a job once and for all. In the past, leverage method was to use leverage and weight to balance the friction torque generated in the friction process. In recent years, some pulp and paper enterprises carried out "cleaner production audit". In fact, they only preliminarily understood the concept of cleaner production management, or were only limited to the methods of carrying out cleaner production. At present, enterprises have not met the institutionalized requirements of implementing cleaner production

when introducing the achievements of environmental protection work, many paper enterprises take reducing the cost of water treatment per ton and meeting the discharge standards as the main content, but do not focus on how to reduce the pollution load measures in the production process and the experience of the next step of environmental protection work plan. We should realize that China's environmental protection control system is still in the initial stage of establishment, and many places need to be supplemented and improved. At present, the environmental protection standards for papermaking will only be further strengthened. For example, the problem of organochlorine pollutants in bleaching wastewater, the enterprise will include it as part of the implementation of cleaner production plan, and formulate a plan as soon as possible to avoid being caught unprepared at that time. Therefore, continuously improving the level of cleaner production is not only the need to implement the requirements of cleaner production itself, but also the need to meet the increasing requirements of social environmental protection

second, the main body of cleaner production is the enterprise, which is also the conscious behavior of the enterprise after realizing the significance of cleaner production. For the whole enterprise, according to the long-term goal of pollution prevention, we should arrange and coordinate in an organized and planned way, and promote it in an orderly manner, so that cleaner production can truly become a means of enterprise management. The implementation of cleaner production in enterprises is not only a comprehensive work, but also a highly professional work

third, the implementation of cleaner production is relative. The relativity of cleaner production is mainly manifested in the dynamic process of continuous optimization of the emission of pollution load relative to the enterprise itself. Under the benchmark of pollution prevention and control level reflected by the current enterprise equipment status, personnel quality and comprehensive management level, through a series of cleaner production plans, the latest technology in the industry suitable for the current situation of the enterprise is adopted to continuously improve the pollution prevention and control level of the enterprise, The process of continuously achieving the objectives of the cleaner production plan. All enterprises have closed-loop control, also known as target program automatic control. They have different objectives, measures and plans for implementing cleaner production. The horizontal comparison is only for reference. Some departments carry out "cleaner production audit" on enterprises. Generally, according to the comparison of water, electricity and steam consumption indicators, load emission indicators and the best domestic or foreign advanced level, as the basis for measuring whether enterprises carry out cleaner production, their cleaner production plans and measures will be divorced from the current enterprise reality, and ultimately can not get the expected results

fourth, cleaner production has the concept of mass, which is a dynamic process involving both managers and workers. Cleaner production requires that the scope of environmental engineering is no longer limited to "end treatment", but runs through all links of the whole production process. Pollution prevention and control is not only the responsibility of environmental protection personnel, but also the responsibility of producers and operators at all levels. Give full play to the collective wisdom of all staff, improve the awareness of all staff, implement them at all levels, and improve the inspection, assessment system and reward and punishment system, so as to expand the effectiveness of the implementation of cleaner production

the task of meeting the emission standard in China's paper industry is very arduous, but environmental protection is the condition for the survival and development of enterprises. We must face and solve the environmental pollution problem correctly. Only by crossing this barrier can pulp and paper enterprises get opportunities for further development. China's cleaner production legislation is in the process of drafting, which has a far-reaching and extensive impact on the development of China's paper industry and environmental protection. It will eventually change the industrial structure of the paper industry, and will also directly affect the international competitiveness of industry technology and products. Therefore, let's adjust our thinking and take decisive measures to make the enterprise development strategy actively change to cleaner production, so as to make the enterprise in an invincible position and make China's paper industry embark on the road of becoming a strong country in the paper industry

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