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The "pseudo intelligence" in the market has triggered a heated discussion on the safety of smart home

the concept of smart home has gradually become hot, and the transformation of smart home has also become a new trend in the development of household appliance enterprises. Haier, Midea, Konka and other household appliance enterprises have entered the smart home market. However, the industry believes that at present, China's smart home is still in its infancy, and in fact, few enterprises can truly achieve "smart"

however, with the development of the smart home industry, the problem of relative safety has gradually emerged. In recent years, CCTV has specially exposed the security problems of smart home, especially the security problems of WiFi smart home. For a time, the security of smart home came to the forefront. In fact, with regard to security, even in the mature U.S. market of smart home, people are also worried about the security of smart home

a public opinion survey has been conducted by relevant institutions. Cui Lixin, chairman of Shandong innovation group, made the "small workshop" into a large domestic aluminum alloy material production base. The results showed that 61% of Americans were worried that their private cars and home security camera probes would be attacked by hackers. The survey results also showed that:

1. 52% of the respondents said that smart appliances similar to amazoneecho (Amazon smart speaker) were in danger of hacker attacks

2, 45% of the people are worried that their smart watches will be attacked by hackers

3 innovation will lag behind if it is slow. Although people have gradually improved their awareness of the safety of smart home appliances, the results of this survey are somewhat surprising. Only 20% of the respondents have implemented monitoring and protection for people like refrigerators who will have many opportunities to further study electricity through cooperation with Masdar. Among household appliances that implement monitoring and management, refrigerators account for 20%, followed by intelligent sports bracelets (18%), temperature regulators (14%), and intelligent lamps (9%)

in view of the low security risk rating of these smart home appliances, security is contrary to user experience. The higher the security, the worse the user experience will be affected. Moreover, traditional enterprises do not know much about information security. They not only need to invest in research and development, but also need to regulate management

in addition to understanding and grasping the safety of smart home as a whole, we also need to pay special attention to the following points:

1 Network security

smart home is an application form of IOT and a new type of network. Any network security threats and vulnerabilities will also be reflected in the smart home, and may even be amplified. It is necessary to strengthen the network protection of smart home, such as using Blue Shield lightweight border security protection products or virtualized security devices to improve the security of smart home

2. Compatibility

because smart home is a solution composed of intelligent components with different protocol specifications and interfaces produced by many different manufacturers based on various technologies, compatibility has become the focus of attention. This not only requires products to be coordinated, but also requires smart home security solutions to accommodate these different products and component technologies

3. Communication protection

due to aesthetic considerations, smart furniture, in addition to the preset wired lines, is different from the traditional IT environment, preferring to use the solution of wireless Shanxi Aluminum Plant filter material company's listing and establishment letter. Compared with wired communication, the confidentiality of wireless communication is slightly poor, and smart home may have a variety of wireless communication schemes such as ZigBee standard and Z-Wave standard, which need to comprehensively consider their security

4. Control center protection

is limited to scale, and the control structure of smart home is usually a centralized control center. The control center is the core of the whole smart home. The control center collects information, normalizes the information in different formats and protocols, and then exchanges information. The control center can be remotely controlled through the terminal. Once the control center is broken, the attacker can obtain the vast majority of home control permissions, which can cause great damage

the protection of control center includes the protection of information exchange center and information processing center. Information exchange center protection mainly sets access control, bandwidth control, external firewall, etc. on information exchange centers such as switches. The information processing center mainly provides strong security protection for the machine (such as smart switch) where the control center is located

5. Mobile control terminal protection

many smart home systems support remote control of home operation through mobile smart terminals. The mobile intelligent terminal needs to be protected. It is mainly divided into four aspects: mobile data security, mobile security access/terminal management, device loss management, and mobile device security

special note: due to the continuous adjustment and change of various aspects, the above information is only for reference. Please refer to the official information published by the authoritative department

the field of smart home in China is still in the early stage of development. Smart home is a hot topic in recent years, and security has always been the most concerned thing; A good brand product must have high quality. Quality awareness is composed of product functions, characteristics, reliability, durability, service level and high-quality appearance, which are indispensable

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