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CSC Futures: PTA comment 5.06

PTA continues to callback and backfill the gap of upward short jump in the early stage. The short position is still strong, and the 7500 yuan line is under obvious pressure. The PX price of upstream raw materials was slightly adjusted back to US $1171/ton, and the PTA spot price was stable at 7950 yuan/ton. PTA load is 65.5%, maintaining a low level, polyester load is 74.5%, and Jiangsu Zhejiang loom load is 64%. Next new media: ultra light earth 3D printing of environmental protection materials, and the price of pet products is stable

px, PTA supply is still tight, but in addition to the above functions, the gas turbine may test the 10 day moving average today. 6. The oil source cannot move and the support of the trend line. It is mainly on the sidelines for the time being

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