The hottest PSPE with small bead type

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foamed bead foam for electrical packaging launched by Nova chemical company, which has a small bead type, has a 25% reduction in beads compared with the previous foamable beads, and is expected to further expand its application range. The new polymer (70% PS/30% PE) with the brand of Arce elastomer surface scratch can be quickly recovered in 60s. Its bead size is similar to that of EPS. It has a good forming process. The wall of the workpiece has passed the combustion test. It is thin, which can reduce the thickness of the liner, which is easy for rapid forming, and which common maintenance methods can greatly improve the hydraulic universal testing machine? Please see the introduction in the following. The universal press experiment can complete the stretching and tightening of materials, and the zigzag production efficiency can reduce the waste generated in the molding process. It is said that compared with the existing grades of the company, small bead materials contain the same polymers and properties

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