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Overview of safety technical measures for the reconstruction of auxiliary shaft winch foundation

according to the safety production of our mine and the needs of the establishment of the "five excellent" mine, the mine decided to open three teams to transform the auxiliary shaft winch foundation, excavate and construct the original foundation according to the design foundation drawing, use C20 concrete to pour the foundation, bind and weld the reinforcement according to the design requirements, mainly from the platform mold to the concept test of the full-size prototype, and use C30 fine aggregate concrete to pour the secondary pouring. In order to ensure safe construction, the following safety technical measures are specially prepared:

I. construction site and scope:

the range of auxiliary shaft cage is 10 meters from north to South and 6 meters from east to west

II. Construction process and requirements:

1. Drawings required for construction:

2. The foundation of the new winch is based on the drawings provided by the machine transportation department. The foundation plane is in a "convex" shape from north to south. The upper opening is 4200mm wide, mm long and mm deep, and the lower opening is 5100mm wide, 3080mm long and 1200 deep. The reserved holes under it are constructed according to the requirements of the drawings. After the size of the underground part is enough, the reinforcement shall be bound and welded according to the design requirements, and the formwork embedded bolt holes shall be supported at the bottom. The hole depth is 1000mm, and the production geological survey department shall mark the center position of the reserved screw hole of the construction foundation according to the requirements of the drawing

3. All concrete eroded by oil stains should be removed and cleaned with hot alkaline water. After construction, post maintenance should be ensured.

4. The winch foundation reconstruction should be excavated according to the size of the design foundation drawing (it can be appropriately larger than 50-100mm according to the actual situation on site), so as to ensure that the reserved space meets the installation requirements. The underground part greatly improves the recycling rate of plastic packaging materials. The excavation must be carried out according to the actual situation of the site, with rails and pit logs with a diameter of more than ¢ 180. The sheds must be lifted and nailed firmly. The measured force of the berm is that the piston rotates with great friction or does not rotate, so as to ensure that the supporting rails are strong

5. The sundries on the newly excavated foundation pit wall shall be cleaned and washed with clean water. The construction dimensions shall be corrected to ensure that they meet the drawings and installation requirements, and the error of bolt hole center shall not exceed 10mm

6. Cast crushed stone concrete grade C20 at one time, use cement grade 425 #, stone particle size (crushed stone 20-40mm), proportion: clean water: cement: the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the management requirements for automotive hazardous materials and recyclability rate (Announcement No. 38, 2015) (hereinafter referred to as "ELV management requirements") in 2015. Sand: Stone =185:298:657:1300 (kg); The secondary pouring (100mm crushed stone concrete on the surface) grade is C30, the cement grade is 425 #, the particle size of stone is 4-8mm, and the concrete proportion is cement: Sand: Stone =210:467:573:1200 (kg). The material is required to be clean, free of debris and soil, and mixed fully and evenly. The concrete must be vibrated with vibrating rods and the surface polished

7. Before construction, tie a warning rope at the entrance of the bend, hang a board with the words "under construction, no vehicles are allowed to enter the bend", and cover the tramcar with a car stopper. The third team must arrange special personnel to guard the entrance of Beibang curve to ensure that nothing is wrong

8. Pay attention to prevent damage to electrical equipment and pipelines and electric shock accidents during construction

9. The machine transportation department is responsible for on-site guidance, and the machine transportation department, production department and geological survey department arrange special personnel to be responsible for relevant on-site guidance and line hanging measurement, and determine the position and elevation of the embedded hole of the correction bolt to ensure that the error does not exceed the provisions

10. The construction shall be carried out in strict accordance with the line hanging construction of the production geological survey department

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