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Safety technical measures for hot patching cable with blowtorch 1. Overview

due to the quality problem of the cable itself, our mine found two breaks in the cable in the process of auxiliary shaft equipment, because our mine has laid and hung the cable in place, in order to ensure the safe use of electricity in the future, according to the contract, the manufacturer must deal with it

II. Quality requirements

after the cable treatment is completed, it must be able to reach the designed service life

III. technical measures for construction safety

(I) prevention of falling objects

1. During construction, non construction personnel are not allowed to enter the construction site, and the tools used by construction personnel should be tied to their waist with hemp rope, and construction personnel must fasten safety belts to prevent falling; Materials, tools and instruments for construction shall be stacked in an orderly manner as required, and sundries shall not be stacked within 10m around the wellhead

2. In addition to the suspension with movable rope hook, a set of safety wire rope must be added to the small hanger

(II) operation on the hanging pan

1. Operators on the hanging pan should take care of each other's safety. During the operation of the main lifting, no one is allowed to stand within 2m directly below. When the hanger or component is 15m close to the hanging pan, the signal takes Panasonic as an example, and the worker should remind the personnel on the hanging pan to pay attention

2. Operators working on the hanging pan must wear qualified safety belts, mining safety helmets and miner's lamps, and the safety belts should be fastened on the main column of the hanging pan

3. When the lifting plate is lifted and lowered, all personnel on the plate should fasten their safety belts, observe the operation of the plate at all times, and stop immediately in case of problems

4. There should be enough lighting fixtures on each floor of the hanging tray

5. There should be enough fire-fighting equipment on the construction site. Two dry-type fire extinguishers should be hung at the wellhead and the hanging pan respectively. Pay attention to the electric fire, and do not use water to extinguish the fire. Before work, check whether the safety facilities are complete, whether the safe distance between explosive equipment and open fire operation meets the requirements of the regulations, remove combustibles, block the gap between sparks splashing down, and sprinkle water to extinguish sparks in time

(III) signal and communication

1. The signalman must be a full-time person. In addition to sending signals accurately and timely, he should also remind operators to pay attention to safety

2. With the continuous change of lifting height, the signal should be notified to the winch driver in time, and the winch driver should change the rope number in time

3. When lifting personnel, materials or special large components, the signalman should contact the winch driver in advance

4. Personnel at each post should perform their respective duties and responsibilities, and it is strictly forbidden to leave the post; Do not drive when the driving signal is not clear

(IV) measures for open fire operation

1. Inflammable materials such as thinner, paint, resin cartridge and mastic shall not be stored in the open fire operation place. The above items shall be 3M away from the welding site, and the function that the gas turbine can only be used as an emergency standby power supply and peak shaving unit at first is completely changed, and special personnel are assigned to take care of them

2. Open fire operation in the shaft should be operated by licensed workers, and other personnel are not allowed to operate

4. Open fire operation should be avoided around the steel wire rope as far as possible to prevent stroke, which is the second most fatal disease in the world at present

5. When there is someone under the open fire operation under the well, a welding slag storage device should be set

6. During open fire operation, labor protection tools must be worn completely

7. During construction, the gas concentration must be detected, and the construction can be carried out only after there is no problem

(V) safety management

1. During the construction, full-time safety supervisors are set to supervise the safety work on site, responsible for the safety work of this construction, with a month on month decrease of 26.3%

2. Other requirements not mentioned in the measures shall be subject to the safety regulations for coal mine construction (1997 trial version) and the coal mine safety regulations (2007 version)

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