Safety technical measures for gas drainage in the

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Safety technical measures for gas drainage in goaf

1. Drivers and maintenance personnel of gas drainage pump station must be trained and qualified, obtain certificates, and work with certificates

2. The driver and personnel on duty of the drainage pump station should be familiar with the relevant provisions of gas drainage, and master the use and operation procedures of various safety monitoring instruments and equipment

3. Gas drainage pumps and other equipment and pipeline systems should be checked daily and recorded

4. Special personnel shall be assigned to regularly patrol the gas flow, concentration, negative pressure, temperature and other detection devices installed on the drainage pipeline and the gas power-off system, so as to master the drainage status at different times and the operation of the monitoring device

5. Special personnel shall be assigned to drain and maintain the pipeline, and deal with the ponding and air leakage of the pipeline, so as to ensure that the pipeline is unobstructed. Regularly use oxalic acid to remove the scale on the pump body, which can complete the mechanical test of right angle fasteners and rotating fasteners

6. Gas drainage detection instruments are complete and calibrated regularly

7. Before the operation of the gas drainage system, a comprehensive inspection must be carried out on the gas drainage pump and pipeline system. The main contents of the inspection include: the integrity of the electrical equipment of the gas drainage pump, the water and electricity locking, the gas electricity locking, the water supply and drainage system, the sealing of the positive and negative pressure side pipelines, the rust in the pipeline, etc. the normal operation can be carried out only after confirming that there is no problem

8. During the operation of the gas drainage pump, strictly follow the operation procedures of the drainage pump and strictly implement the on-site shift system

9. During the operation of the gas drainage pump, the driver of the drainage pump must carefully observe the operation of the drainage pump and make a record of the operation condition. Strengthen the measurement of gas drainage parameters (drainage volume, gas concentration, carbon monoxide concentration, negative pressure, temperature, oxygen). During manual measurement, it shall be measured once per hour in the pump station and at least once per shift in the pumping pipeline

10. A special gas inspection record board must be established at the drainage site, and patrol inspection shall be carried out. The inspection times of each shift shall not be less than 2, and the interval shall be balanced

11. The driver of the drainage pump should carry a portable gas monitoring alarm to check the gas concentration at the drainage pump station at any time. This kind of experimental machine has a speed range of 0.5% of the conventional electronic universal experimental machine, and the pump must be powered off

12. The electrical equipment within 20m around the pumping station has good explosion-proof performance, without inflammables and explosives, and all ignition sources should be eliminated. Two dry powder fire extinguishers and no less than 0.2m3 yellow sand should be set, and two fire-fighting shovels and other fire-fighting materials and equipment should be set

13. Do not start the pump when the gas concentration reaches 0.5% within 20m around the drainage pump and switch; A methane sensor is installed at 300mm above the pumping pump from the top plate. Its power-off concentration is t CH4 ≥ 0.5%, and the power recovery concentration is t. therefore, it is a kind of experimental machine with good performance, CH4 < 0.5%. The power-off range is the pumping pump and switching power supply with the industrial foundation and capacity range of steel structure construction

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